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    2014 International tent exhibition fair held in Berlin, Germany, GuangAo tent company was getting well prepared for attending this exhibition fair.

    2015-01-13 17:03:40 Read

    GuangAo tent company is going to do for the corresponding participation, in order to attend the exhibition this time, the company urged the design department, to design a new style tent product, confidently to show the Chinese research and development of tent brands, for promoting the comprehensive use of global countries.


    Tent industry is already very popular in European and American countries, and have perfect awning room ancillary facilities, and other supporting services, has formed a complete industry. But in China has just started, even the concept of tent is a little-known to domestic citizens. With the tent booming development of our country's economy, it will be widely applied to various kinds of outdoor activities. With the widely application of the tent, and awning room as a kind of temporary facilities will be toward more rich, an easier disassembling and lighter, economy in the direction of the further improved. Such as aviation, ports, shipping building, sports buildings, holiday tourism, bulk storage buildings, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, military tents, etc


    Now commonly used in exhibition, sports events with tents, temporary storage use tents, outdoor tent, celebration activities for wedding with tents, outdoor leisure use tents, other (reception office, VIP lounge, workshops, news center, dining area, conference room, the opening ceremony, transport site, brand publicity, oktoberfest, fashion show, banquet, cocktail party garden, recreational activities, exhibition, staff canteen, selling pavilion, golf course).



    During the exhibition, it held the forum of speech "2014 global precast awning room construction development summit", with those come from Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea's seven international experts and scholars, they introduced the light steel structure in prefabricated housing market prospects, the prefabricated building system in Sweden, the New Zealand precast construction industry opportunities and challenges, "on China and Denmark energy-saving building design and mass production" and "CLICK - RAFT system", "VEMAS - off-site to build the realization path of globalization, etc.


    In 2014 Berlin international tent exhibition, will make a remarkable figure, give you an appreciation and understanding the global tent industry development of the world.

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