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    the stubborn enthusiasts Manufacturers of RVs also include other of the RV essentials in the motor home. Buyers will have to pay higher prices for some semi furnished or semi complete recreational vehicles. Some individuals who buy RVs prefer semi-furnished ones so that they will not have to go out and purchase the RV supplies anymore since some RV supplies are hard to find.. The hitch haul allows those of us with limited storage space some extra room to cart around our camping equipment and other accessories. You can load up folding chairs, bikes, ice chests, Bladez scooters, and more as long as it fits and you can secure it. Hitch hauls can usually carry up to and over 500 pounds of stuff and will remain hitched to your car through thick and thin.. Myth says that the first ice elves to arrive in Shiva's domain had just finished a long harsh winter, and the herds they brought with them had been struck with a terrible disease. Food was scarce, and there was a great fear that the band would soon be wiped out by hunger. They travelled every day, hoping to come across new herds, or at least some form of food. The waterproof rainfly is durable, light and strong--it can be stretched and guyed into tight, angled walls. The rainfly can be used on its own as a one-wall shelter with the groundsheet. The construction comes with MSR's patented seam-sealing and seam tape--both guaranteed by the company.. Truck stops also serve as an excellent overnight option to those RVers looking to save a buck or needing a temporary place to revive. You should know that most truck stops can be awfully noisy, so you might avoid staying here if you are a light sleeper or if you are traveling with kids. If you don't mind the noise, however, it's a great place to refuel your RV, tow vehicle, stomach, and energy.. Why did some cultures in history not come up with the wheel for the longest time? I won't name names, but darn. Where were the guys from Uranus who missed that one? The wheel has saved mucho time and done incredible amounts of work. By the way, Uranus makes men say some pretty inexplicable things sometimes. Another thing to look for is ease of use in setting up. If the tent is of any type of dome construction it will be easy to set up and can be done rather quickly which is important if you arrive and it starts to rain. Although tents that are not of dome variety have other amenities that make it more attractive to buy such as more side room, keep in mind there are more steps to erecting the tent.. Clearly an ulterior motive underlies the protest and the question that wanna-be campers should ponder is whether they should risk their lives for something that represents a ploy by professional protestors who have learned to leverage the pressure they put on corporate America for their own gain. As you endure the frostbite, shiver in the cold and find yourself in the middle of nowhere without an audience for your cries of protest, will you see the foolishness behind this movement? Is there a better place for you to be? Aren't there oppressed groups located in tropical environments who could use your energy for their good? You will be exploited when you lose an ear or fingers to frostbite or are found frozen inside a flimsy tent. That is an image that leaders can leverage for greater gain, more sympathy and ultimately funding for their cause. For over twenty years Dan has been impacting the lives of people in a positive manner by sharing life transforming principles. An ordained Pastor for nearly twenty years, Dan has worked with a variety of people to help them discover their purpose and to motivate them toward personal success in every area. Dan is the creator of better Thinking Better Living a non-profit organization to provide individuals with resources and tools that they will need to keep their success on track. One of the main attractions of East African is Serengeti National Park, which is filled with different wild animals and is ideal for safari tour. Visiting this national park is one in lifetime experience as it is a place which is surrounded with the most exotic vegetation and wild life that could be hardly seen in other parts of the world. While on the safari tour, take delight of sitting in jeep in the mid of jungle and spotting pride involved in daily activities. purchase array 2: [ , , , ]3a) Count the # of records that match a various criteria. For example, how many purchase were made with a value over 50? I know of lots of databases that support this3b) Count the number of times records appear in a certain order. For example, how many arrays are there were a purchase over 50 was made and then a purchase in "Springfield" was made? I don't know what kind of database you would use to do thisedit: Response to Steve Haigh: I should have mentioned that speed is important, and this database needs to support gigabytes of data. These people are looking for a peaceful escape from their normal jobs and responsibilities. In return they give the Mainers more income through tourism and camping fees, but they also receive increased gas prices due to the supply and demand principal; the area consumes almost double the amount of gas consumption in the two months of this increased travel. Restaurants, hotels and camp grounds are all comfortably near their capacity while still maintaining their charm. 01/24/2008we're not a paranoid couple, and rather we encourage my daughter's development and ingenuity. she has been climbing out of her crib for the past couple of months, since she was about 18 months. what we actually ended up doing is putting the rail down (her mattress is also at the lowest level) and we put a 2-step stool with hand-rail next to her bed. Moving our way up, the following property is in beach immaculate Goa however its area will permit you to investigate past the golden sands. The Old Quarter in Panjim sits comfortable of Panjim's Latin Quarter in Fontainhas, an area brimming with Portuguese-style houses and singboards. Past the comfortable convenience, visitors can anticipate a lovely bistro gloating a fabulous book accumulation.. Got a question about a health story in the news or a health topic? Here's your chance to get an answer. Send us your questions about general health topics, diet and fitness and mental health. By submitting your question, you hereby give CNN the right, but not the obligation, to post, air, edit, exhibit, telecast, cablecast, webcast, re-use, publish, reproduce, use, license, print, distribute or otherwise use your questions(s) and accompanying personal identifying and other information you provide via all forms of media now known or hereafter devised, worldwide, in perpetuity.